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EYFS and our local community

EYFS and our local community

Over the last week, EYFS have enjoyed putting together a hamper for our local care home, Meadow Green. Our EYFS team tasked the children with drawing pictures and writing messages that would help put a smile on the residents’ faces. We’ve had lots and lots of fantastic work sent in and along with some sweet treats, Miss Smith dropped the hamper at Meadow Green last Friday.

Lots of pictures have been sent in!

Some of our children drew their on house to show the residents where they live and what their house is like.

Noah has drawn a fantastic picture for the residents!

It’s been lovely to see many of your practice your writing and letter formation!

Evie also sent this fantastic letter in via email for us to send to Meadow Green too! We bet the residents of Meadow Green loved seeing your pictures too!


We know EYFS were hoping to visit Meadow Green this summer so we’re hoping this will make residents smile in the meantime.


*Update – Wednesday 29th April*


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